Wedding Photography Packaging | USB + Fine Art Prints + wood

I love packaging. It’s a fact!
After months of research on objects, suppliers and ideas surfing on the web finally I have realised my new packaging.

Yes, I’m a fan of our current digital era, but I also love handcrafted stuff and the quality and emotion of a print product.
So, every box contains a wooden USB flash drive and some Fine Art Prints.

I really really love the handcrafted box. It comes from Umbria, it was designed by a dear friend of mine Francesco Farneselli and realized by his father, a wood artisan. The chestnut wood that he used comes from 19th century barrels (wow!!!)


UPDATE 2014 *** now you can buy these adorable boxes here !!!


Calligraphy tags are completely handmade one by one by Lena from LenaCalligrapher.
Stamps are from VerdeStudio.

If you love packaging too, you can find most of my inspirations saved over the last months on my Pinterest board.
I hope you enjoy!

PS go to Ara’s blog to see pictures of my re-branding.

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  • La Giù March 12, 2012 / Reply

    sei troppo ganza!

  • Lane Christiansen September 19, 2012 / Reply

    I would love to know where you got the wooden boxes. I have been on the hunt for them. Did you make the divider then? BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Mignon April 05, 2013 / Reply

    May I ask where you ordered your custom white usb drives? I love the sleek, simple design. But most I have found so far do not have the same look as yours. Hopefully they can be shipped to Canada! I love your work!

  • Monica Salazar April 09, 2013 / Reply

    Love your packaging idea!

  • Mel Lawrence April 18, 2013 / Reply

    I love all of this! I would love to know where you got the boxes, I’ve found a few, but trying to find the right one for the right price. :)

  • Katie Doherty November 24, 2013 / Reply

    I too have been searching the Internet for the perfect packaging products and I love the look of yours. Can I ask where you got the prints from? Love the white border!

  • LOVE! I’ve been searching for new packaging for ages it seems, thanks for sharing!!

  • Fine Art Photography January 18, 2014 / Reply

    Your post has been excellent and nice. Your topic is useful for all. I come back in your site when you will provide new post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mario Colli December 01, 2014 / Reply

    Hi Cinzia, love you packaging, I have been looking for something like that for a while. Can i please ask you where do you get you wooden box from ?Grazie Ciao

  • Beautiful packaging.

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