Laura and Tuomas

Dear Cinzia. Dear Matteo.
I saw your mail come in at night and could hardly sleep until the morning to take a good look. Hours later, I’m still crying!
I knew you were an artist so I knew to expect something beautiful – but what I couldn’t even imagine was how you would take the best day of my life, capture it into nothing short of visual poetry and through all of these frames allow me to go vividly back to it, touch it, taste it, smell it all over again. I feel like I’m just married, still hoping that it never ends.
I remember sitting there at Rosa Rosae trying to lock that beautiful feeling and pure happiness away somewhere so I could go back to it, and couldn’t. But you could and I’m so grateful.
Thank you feels like a pretty mundane thing to say, but thank you. Grazie, grazie, grazie. I’m so moved, I love them.
Also I’m flattered beyond belief and so humbled that the little celebration of our love could be the inspiration for a highlight in your amazing career – I’m so happy that you enjoyed shooting it. I wouldn’t have had anyone else :)
These are my words (Tuomas has yet to see the pictures) but I know they come from both of our hearts.
Thank you!!

Olivia & Stefano _ party442

Olivia and Stefano

Dear Cinzia,
Sorry for our late reply! We have been in the country this week and weekend and so were nestled away looking at all these wondrous memories over the weekend!!!! THANK YOU so so much, we just cannot tell you how delighted we are with them and I now need to take another year to work out which ones to print and which ones to make into an album!!!!!
It must have been a crazy crazy wedding season indeed, we have also felt the same – we have our last weeding this weekend which I know you will also be shooting, so we are so so looking forward to seeing you and Matteo! We can give you a proper big hug then and hopefully communicate better how happy we are to have had you at our wedding recording all these wonderful images!
You have not only been photographers at the wedding but very much at the heart of it – I will never forget Cinzia being so patient with our little bridesmaid Anita and helping her understand what was going on! And then our race to the church and phone calls back and forth to Martina!!! I am still laughing about that!!! You have been incredible support during our wedding, so we thank you enormously for that too!!!
We really look forward to seeing all the rest, but in the meantime I hope you are just about keeping your head above water – the sun sets on the wedding season very soon I think, and then it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy looking back at all your incredible work!!!!
Sending so much love and hugs and kisses and lots of smiles too!!!



Best email to wake up to! Yay!! Soooo happy. Your selection is BEAUTIFUL ! It looks exactly how I dreamed it , but better :) thank you so much !

Wow!! Marty and I stayed up very late last night and looked at all the pictures… and they are Amazing !! We are both soooo Happy :)! Thank you for all the extra shots of the scenery. Soo pretty. You guys really are the best photographers.
My mother in law and my mom both called and said they cried at the pictures on your blog and said they were the best wedding pictures they have ever seen.
I agree;) getting married in Italy was definitely the best thing Martin and I ever did.


David and Juliette

Bonjour Cinzia,
Thank you very much ! The pictures are amazing, we love them, and all our friends/family too.
They are exactly as we wanted them to be. Modern, generous, original et beautiful! We are so happy to had you as photographers! We have many friends who will get married in the next years, I am sure you will come back in France


Emma and Todd

My husband and I got married in June 2012 and, being visually inspired people (designer and artist) we were really set on finding a brilliant photographer to capture our love and the spirit of the occasion. We literally searched online for months. So, you could understand our relief when my husband came across a photographer’s website and discovered Cinzia! Her skills we clearly excellent and her understanding of composition, use of imagination, ability to capture beautiful details, natural moments and the spirit of her subject were second to none. Furthermore, she spent a lot of time getting to know us and completely gained our trust before the big day. She made the whole process fun, captured excellent moments and managed to make the biggest photo haters happy. We were overjoyed with the process and the final pictures! We are so grateful to Cinzia and cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone planning an important celebration.
We are really fussy and we give her 10/10!!!